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October 11, 2004

Blogosphere v. CACI: David Strikes Back

I think it is safe to say the letter CACI International had it's proxies at the Steptoe & Johnson law firm write to us is beginning to backfire on them. Not only do they have no legal standing to mess with us, but the negative PR factor is already beginning to blow up in their faces, as I predicted in my last blog post.

Numerous bloggers and other news outlets have already reported on the letter, including News Dissector, (who called CACI's letter a "tortured response"), American Leftist, and our good friends over at who have been tremendously supportive of us for a long time now.

And, now, the biggest liberal blog on the net has taken up our cause. The Daily Kos asked us to post a PDF copy of the letter, which we have gladly done. Then they issued a very colorful jab at CACI and its counselor, Mr. Koegel over at Steptoe.

We really need all the attention that we can get here, given that the folks we're going up against are involved in providing more than just "interrogators" to the military. They also help out with technological "knowledge management" for "homeland security" operations. We all know what that is euphemism for. So, if our site disappears (or if we do), you know where to look first. But in the meantime, keep the pressure on!

And so we await the next bullying letter. Stay tuned...


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The NewStandard ceased publishing on April 27, 2007.