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March 14, 2005

Exciting News; Growing Pains

We have lots of really great organizational news to report:

First, we have hired a third full-time staff member, Madeleine Baran, who many of you are already familiar with as The NewStandard’s most prolific writer. Madeleine is going to continue writing articles, but she is also assuming responsibility for editing the "Work and Money" section, formerly known as the "Business and Economy" section. We are very excited to have her working so closely with us.

Second, Chris Shumway, who was previously a regular contributor to the Iraq in Crisis section is working with us again, this time on a more formal part-time basis. We look forward to lots of great content and editing help from him as well.

And finally, we have just received notice from the IRS that our application for tax-exempt status has been approved! So now donations to PeoplesNetWorks and The NewStandard are tax deductible. We are greatly relieved to have that harrowing process out of the way so we can focus more exclusively on publishing the news and building our organization. Thanks to everyone for bearing with us through the process and for your moral support along the way.

I’m sure many of our readers have noticed that our content recently has been a bit slower in coming than usual. We have been experiencing a few growing pains. With more staff, we are ambitiously working to lay the groundwork for dramatically increasing the amount of content we publish. We are raising our journalists’ compensation and streamlining our editing process, and gearing up for a promotional campaign. We are also putting more formal personnel policies in place and developing journalist-training procedures. And, most importantly for our readers, we are developing more site features, which we expect to begin releasing within the next several weeks. We consider all of this an investment in the future of The NewStandard and are working around the clock get it done. We thank our readers for sticking with us while we transition through these changes.


VivekApte: Exciting News; Growing Pains

This is probably the best news i've ever read on The New Standard. You guys rool.

moyergeo: Exciting News; Growing Pains

Great news! And, obviously a sign, March 14th's my 20th birthday! Keep up the good work!

msszczep: Exciting News; Growing Pains

Yay! Great news. Congratulations, and well done.

I'd like to offer one comment: I'm glad TNS changed the name of its "Business and Economy" section to "Work and Money". Business and Economy makes it sound like TNS is only providing reports on how our stock prices are doing, rather than about things that matter.

However, it appears (as I type this) that the link on the right-hand column of The NewStandard still lists the section as "Business & Economy". You may want to change that when you get the chance.


msszczep: Hark! Another thought!

Another idea: You should boast at the top of the TNS main page the fact that donations and subscriptions to TNS are now tax deductible. That'll probably help get more donations.

jessica_azulay: Exciting News; Growing Pains

Thanks for all the celebration on the blog. We're celebrating around here too. I've been humming at work and such. The craziest part about all of it is that the IRS actually sent us back the gigantic pile of TNS articles we sent them. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that box on our doorstep. Someone there must have really been in a generous mood.

Someone had asked on another blog comment if we would consider selling such copies on demand. It's really too expensive for us to reproduce them at all, since we'd have to buy a new printer or copier to do it. Our current rinky-dink home office machines could barely do it the one time. But we'd consider selling our one copy to the highest bidder :-).

We're aware that we haven't completely integrated the "Work and Money" section into all of the site buttons yet. We should have all of that fixed up soon.

We agree that "Business and Economy" sounded too corporate and investor-friendly. We had kind of done that on purpose in order to point out what we think should be reported in such sections. But it wasn't really working out for us. Every time we mentioned the "Business and Economy" section, we had to give an explanation of what it was because people were already predisposed to envision stock quotes.

That change was a long time coming. We're glad you like it.

PS. Happy Birthday "moyergeo" !!!!!!

VivekApte: Exciting News; Growing Pains

Jessica, i'll start the bidding at $125, unless it's a reserve auction with a minimum bid set higher than that.

While on the subject of change, the "promote us" letter currently on the site gives an idea of how far TNS has come in the past year. It will be exciting to see what another year brings.

Brian Dominick: Exciting News; Growing Pains

Well, then... I guess the only appropriate response is...

Do I hear one-fitty? C'mon folks, a-hundrah fitty dollas is a steeeeel for such a big ol' collection a progressive hard news content.

Benjamin Melançon: Bidding on the Bundle of Immediate History up to $175

Since I brought up selling the hard copy of the articles (as had been done by, which reports on the drug war and democracy from Latin America with a similar hard news vision), I suppose I have to make a bid for the one copy in existence: One hundred and seventy-five dollars, but you-all have to sign it! Any higher rollers out there for this historic chunk of hard news?

Also, I found this blog entry in a desperate search to find out what happend with the membership drive. When the banner went away, I feared the worst. Now I know the fight goes on-- and the NewStandard will grow. But how close to 600 did we get?

VivekApte: Exciting News; Growing Pains

M. Melançon, I think your bid is probably closer to the actual value of the bundle, but it's beyond my current means. Enjoy it. Btw, i believe the membership count was up to 536.

troy: Exciting News; Growing Pains

I actually don't like the name "Work and Money." I find it vague, being both overly broad and narrow. The term "money" makes me think it'll be advice on picking the best mutual fund, and how to get all of your pension plan benefits. I have no doubt that it will be anything but this. I also doubt you'll be bothering with the Fed's latest announcement that the money supply is being expanded to bring down the interest rate.

If this is where stories on corporate malfeasance, government rollbacks of labour laws, the impact of free trade agreements, etc. I think that the term fails to capture this aspect. I would recommend doing away with "business", but retaining "economy."

Also, why not the term "labor"? Was it a conscious choice to use the term "work" instead? Is this related to Arendt's delineation between the two?

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The NewStandard ceased publishing on April 27, 2007.