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August 24, 2005

Alternative Media Solidarity - Please Help Our Friends

Many of you might be surprised to hear that, aside from money, the thing we need the most and receive the least of is help from fellow alternative media organizations. Very few other alternative news sites have helped us become what we are -- we have had to do it in spite of them. That just seems to be the way alternative media operates, at least on the Left, which is where many people situate us, for better or worse.

But a few sites have really come through for us, and now one of them has announced it is struggling. So despite the fact that we are very far from real sustainability ourselves, for those of you who already support us, or those who would prefer to support a more analytical or broader-focused complement to our coverage, we urge you to check out and help out An all-volunteer-run site, CounterCurrents publishes a great deal of excellent, analytical content drawn each day from publications and writers all over the world, taking a particularly global progressive perspective on issues and events.

CounterCurrents has set up a donation page. If you are able, please support them generously. Even if their content is not your bag, we ask you to consider the sheer derth of solidarity among progressive alternative media outlets -- perhaps it is time we started rewarding those who set greed aside and help others on principle.


Joel Huberman: Alternative Media Solidarity - Please Help Our Friends

Thanks for bringing to my attention. I wasn't aware of their existence previously, but I've just visited their site, and I was very pleased with what I found--excellent articles on the issues of the day, with a truly international perspective. I've given them a donation, and I'll continue following their site with interest.

NANCY WOODS: Alternative Media Solidarity - Please Help Our Friends

I kept trying and trying to make a small contribution, $5, but was unable because I do not know the email address of Counterculture. It seems that this might stop anyone from making a contribution. Nancy Woods

Benjamin Melançon: Alternative Media Solidarity - Please Help Our Friends

Hello Nancy, I easily made a contribution using their $35 button, but you are right, if you click on the "Other" button it just sends you to paypal and you would have to type in the CounterCurrents donation e-mail. From my contribution I know it is: binumathew100in (ye olde at symbol)

Yeah, it's a strange address but you'll at least see that the organization name is "" before the payment is final.

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The NewStandard ceased publishing on April 27, 2007.