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March 14, 2006

More Changes to Our Staff Collective

Since Brendan Coyne joined us as a freelance journalist in July 2004, he has contributed nearly 640 articles, briefs and reports to The NewStandard -- more than anyone else by a huge margin. Last June, he came on as a staff writer and single-handedly converted our old style of "news briefs" to full-length reports based mainly on primary-source material. And he would somehow manage to produce up to five original pieces a day, five days a week -- sometimes more than his editors could fact-check and copy edit on a given night. In January, Brendan upgraded his participation to Collective Member and helped transform TNS into the site you see today.

After many months working for TNS in addition to a full-time day job, Brendan has decided to downshift, at least for the time being, and will no longer be contributing material on a daily basis.

Really, there is only just so long any human being could produce content to TNS's extraordinary standards at anything like the rate Brendan achieved even as a full-time job, let alone as a second gig, so we are tremendously grateful for the contributions he made during his time as a 2/3-time staff member. One of the unfortunate realities we've faced from the beginning is that our unwillingness to sell out, which leads to obvious budget constraints, has meant that no one working at TNS makes a living wage, despite working an incredibly challenging job with highly stressful demands.

For all you Brendan Coyne fans out there, don’t worry: Brendan will continue to report for TNS on a regular basis.

We are also initiating a hiring process immediately. We will likely be filling two positions in the very near future. If you might be interested, keep an eye on the site -- we'll be posting the positions here first.

Brendan's partial departure will obviously have a visible impact on our content, but we are already working on ways to compensate. We'll be using more freelance articles and introducing new types of content while we continue to build our collective.

Thankfully, we're not saying goodbye to Brendan, but we thought this would be a great moment to recognize and express appreciation for all the amazing work he's done so far with TNS. We certainly wouldn't be as successful as we are if not for his contribution.


greenrd: More Changes to Our Staff Collective

Yes, thanks Brendan! As a long-time TNS reader and now donor, I really appreciate all the hard work you've put in.

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The NewStandard ceased publishing on April 27, 2007.