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June 15, 2006

CNN Perfumes 'Hadji Girl' Video

CNN Headline News just ran this brief about the vicious online video depicting a Marine singing a song called 'Hadji Girl' that glorifies his (likely fictional) use of an Iraqi girl as a human shield while slaughtering her family.

A Marine has apologized for performing a song about killing an Iraqi family. He says the song was written in good humor. About 50,000 people have seen the video of him performing the song on the Internet, but a note on that website now says that it's been removed. In the song, the Marine describes falling in love with an Iraqi girl, but coming under attack after going to meet her family. The Marine Corps is deciding still if it's going to take any disciplinary action.

Now, here are the full lyrics to the song, performed apparently before a heavily military audience. You tell me if the CNN brief is an accurate depiction.

I was out in the sands of Iraq
And we were under attack
And I, well I didn't know where to go
Then the first thing I could see
Was everybody's favorite Burger King
So I threw open the door and I hit the floor
Then suddenly to my surprise
I looked up and saw her eyes
And I knew it was love at first sight

And she said
Durka, durka Mohammed jihad
[indecipherable Arabic mockery]
Hadji girl I can't understand what you're saying
And she said
Durka, durka Mohammed jihad
[indecipherable Arabic mockery]
Hadji girl I love you, anyway

Then she said she wanted me to see
She wanted me to go meet her family
But I, well I couldn't figure out how to say no
Cuz I don't speak Arabic, so...
She took me down an old dirt trail
And she pulled up to a sod shanty
And she threw open the door and I hit the floor

Cuz her brother and her father shouted
Durka, durka Mohammed jihad
[indecipherable Arabic mockery]
They pulled out their AKs so I could see
And they said
Durka, durka Mohammed jihad
[indecipherable Arabic mockery]
So I grabbed her little sister and put her in front of me
[Loudest hoots and cheers from audience]

As the bullets began to fly
The blood sprayed from between her eyes
And then I laughed maniacally

Then I hid behind the TV
And I locked-and-loaded my M16
I blew those little fuckers to eternity
And I said

Durka, durka Mohammed jihad
[indecipherable Arabic mockery]
They shoulda known they were fucking with a Marine

CNN makes no mention of the repeated racial epithet ("hadji" is pejorative used by US troops to describe Arabs). Indeed, in the song, the Iraqis "pulled out their AKs" to show the Marine, and then "bullets began to fly." There's no actual indication that he was "under attack," and the songwriter's glorification of a noncombatant child's death leaves one to wonder, why jump to the conclusion that the Marine didn't fire first? (On closer look, it's clear he is saying the Iraqis fired first.)

In fairness to CNN, their revision jives with others, such as the portrayal offered by Little Green Footballs and other extreme-right blogs. You can watch the complete video clip with scrolling lyrics, after some seething apologetics by Michelle Malkin.

While I was at Little Green Footballs, I also found this tidbit prematurely denying Israel's all-but-certain responsibility for the slaughter of a picnicking Gaza family:

The Gaza beach bombing libel has now been definitively debunked and denied: Israel says it didn’t cause deadly blast.

OOPS! Well, I'm sure they'll get around to correcting that sooner or later...


jeff64: CNN Perfumes 'Hadji Girl' Video

unfortunately, this is not a news story...the song lyrics of 1 of 150,000 american troops neither speaks for the armed forces nor the american people...i think the new standard is stooping to the level of mainstream media histrionics by even placing any attention to the story. It is if you had some doubt that among 150,000, one idiot bringing attention to one idiot and the waves created by him through the media, you strengthen my resolve that the media, the new standard included, perpetuates idiocy and poor journalistic ethics...get off the bandwagon.

Martin: CNN Perfumes 'Hadji Girl' Video

Oh please, Jeff, get real. It's not the one idiot that makes this a relevant story, it's the cheering military crowd. You honestly think that singer is the only racist creep in the marines? Or do you think he speaks for the hoo-yawing majority?

HLombo: CNN Perfumes 'Hadji Girl' Video

Yet another instance of anti-military prejudice and rush to judgement by the MSM and the Left without having the facts.

Moreover, what happened to artistic freedom and freedom of expression? Is this the first song to use a derogatory term like Hadji?

Lastly, those hypocrites that make generalizations about Americans in military are just as guilty of bigotry and prejudice.

Georgy Vladimirov: CNN Perfumes 'Hadji Girl' Video

I agree this is not a news story and that's why Biran put it in the blog section. I agree with the freedom of speech and artistic expression but this soldier is lucky he doesn't make his living from writing funnyless and empty songs. Like Martin noted, it is sad to see an excited response by many other soldiers. But all this is focusing on the actual story which is not very newsworthy. The focus in Brian's blog entry was the complete misrepresentation of the story by CNN. It is really a media analysis blog entry.

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