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July 13, 2006

TNS Tries Alternate Front Page Experiment

If you visit our site's homepage today, you'll surely notice something different about the layout. Unlike the past 97 or so weekday "editions" of The NewStandard, today's is not displayed in the theme and structure of a print newspaper's front page (see yesterday's TNS front page, for example).

But for those who've fallen in love with the front-page design we've used since February, don't despair: it's not gone, and it won't disappear too frequently. We're just tinkering with an alternate design that enables us to publish new content prominently on our front page even when we don't have two major articles to release on a given day (which, despite our best efforts, happens now and again).

Thus, we'll be able to keep up with briefs, news digests, In Other News... bulletins, cartoons and other goodies -- and be able to send out our daily digest! -- all with far fewer day-long lapses. The problem with the old layout was that it all but required we have 2 full-length articles to post, since we didn't want to stick news briefs in either of the main headline slots and call the edition complete. This new flexibility should make a huge difference in that regard.


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The NewStandard ceased publishing on April 27, 2007.