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July 20, 2006

Mail Server Problems Fixed

As many of our readers noticed, The NewStandard has had trouble sending the Daily Dispatch over the past several days. This was due to an unforeseen critical problem with our mail server following a major upgrade meant to make the mailings go much smoother. We believe we have everything in working order now, so there should be no further disruptions of the Dispatch, which most of you have missed.

But this whole time, we've been publishing away, so if you haven't visited the site, you've missed a lot. Here's a clipping from our archives to help you get caught up:

Seniors Begin Falling into Plan D Coverage Gap

A health-policy organization is warning that millions of seniors and people with disabilities will soon be hit with high out-of-pocket drug expenses under the new Medicare plan.

Specter Caves to White House Demands on NSA Bill

Constitutional law experts and civil rights advocates are slamming the latest legislative proposal from US Senator Arlen Specter to address the government’s warrantless wiretapping program.

Investigators Catch Anti-abortion Centers Lying to Women

A congressional investigative report yesterday implicated several federally funded organizations in offering bad information about supposed "dangers" of abortions.

FedEx Drivers Fight for ‘Employee’ Status, Rights

Long denied the protections and benefits of employment, “independent contractors,� on whom the shipping company has imposed an “entrepreneurial spirit,� say they’ve had enough hampered independence.

Work News Digest for Week Ending July 17

Our weekly rundown of workers' rights, union and wage stories... @ Flight attendants threaten “CHAOS� @ CA newspaper staff walks out @ Sate minimum wage raises @ Mine safety position questioned

Illinois to Try New ‘Anti-Sprawl’ Subsidies

Starting next year, Illinois will provide additional tax breaks to companies that build near affordable housing units or public-transportation routes, in a move legislators say will continue to attract new companies and new jobs to the state while also reducing sprawl.

Wealthiest Americans’ ‘Share’ Soared in 2004

The top one percent wealthiest Americans enjoyed an increase in income far greater than the rest of the population’s from 2003 to 2004, according to an analysis released this week by a progressive think tank.

EPA Slammed, Sued for Lowering Pollution Regs

Sierra Club is going after the EPA for easing the restrictions the Agency imposes on municipal waste combustors that emit dangerous toxins.

School Officials Promote Fast Track to Incarceration

Youth- and civil-rights advocates are speaking out against the rising presence of cops on campuses and administration complicity in what critics call a school-to-prison pipeline.

We also published many dozens of In Other News bulletins, including daily coverage of the Israel-Lebanon crisis.


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The NewStandard ceased publishing on April 27, 2007.