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September 21, 2006

More Than Halfway To our Goal

The suspense is killing us, but I think most of us would admit under pressure that we're doing better than we expected as we near the halfway mark in our countdown, with more than half the necessary funds already pledged.

Thank you to our nearly 100 existing Premium Members who have so far increased their already generous donations. And thank you, and welcome, to our nearly 100 new Premium Members who have pledged to support our work. Your donations have been the shot in the arm that we've needed to keep us going these next 9 days. We're thrilled that truly independent media is important to so many people. Here's to hoping that it's equally important to many more.

I'd also like to recognize some of the groups that have shown solidarity with us so far. The vast majority of fellow independent publishers we reached out to have ignored us. But we've received various forms of support from a handful: Clamor magazine, (free ad space!), ePluribus Media, Dollars & Sense, Dahr Jamail, Uprising Radio, Toward Freedom, and of course ZNet.

We've contacted dozens of other people/places, but were usually met with silence. If your favorite website or radio show isn't helping us, maybe they're waiting for your phone call or email.



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The NewStandard ceased publishing on April 27, 2007.