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September 27, 2006

TNS Story Graveyard: Dearth of doctors

Here lies one of the crucial news topics that may never be probed by a hard-hitting, progressive independent news outlet if TNS is unable to reach its pledge goal...

A study released by the American Academy of Family Physicians has found that the country, and five states in particular, will face a shortage of primary-care physicians in the coming years.

Most newspapers said the decline arises from medical students choosing lucrative specialty fields over general medicine, and cited the AAFP’s solution to the problem – higher medicare payments for general physicians.

But TNS would not have forgotten to mention this glut might also be a result of the American Medical Association’s capping of medical school graduates – a fact by the mainstream media in the past but ignored now. And rather than relay the AAFP’s goal of increasing reimbursements, we would have asked health policy experts what the real solutions to this problem are.

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nicky_fingaz: TNS Story Graveyard: Dearth of doctors

It's funny this reminds me of something I was just reading in "The Conservative Nanny State." Your point reinforces the author's point that upper income professionals will have protectionist policies to keep supply low and demand for their labor high.


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The NewStandard ceased publishing on April 27, 2007.