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September 27, 2006

TNS Story Graveyard: 'Bad People' vs. Bad Legislation

Here lies one of the crucial news topics that may never be probed by a hard-hitting, progressive independent news outlet if TNS is unable to reach its pledge goal...

According to the mainstream headlines, the ink is almost dry on a Senate bill to authorize military tribunals for terrorism suspects, or as one senator put it, "to make sure these bad people are brought to justice."

The details now being ironed out include gutting detainees’ constitutional right to judicial review, and applying the label "enemy combatant" to anyone who is not in combat, but has somehow "supported hostilities" toward the Bush administration.

And in paragraph 11 of the Washington Post’s coverage, it becomes clear that those finer points may be moot anyway, because under the bill, the Defense Secretary can override its provisions whenever doing so is considered "practicable or consistent" with the military’s mission.

If TNS could tackle the bill this week, we would, as always, shift the focus from what politicians call "justice" for "bad people" – onto how the legislation might codify military impunity. And you’d get that news up front, not ten paragraphs down.

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The NewStandard ceased publishing on April 27, 2007.