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November 17, 2006

TNS T-Shirt Design Contest

Now that The NewStandard has broken new ground in journalism, want to help us set a trend in fashion, too?

The TNS T-shirt design contest offers you a chance to show off your skills and create a logo that our news junkies can wear with pride.

We know our members signed up to support our journalism mission. Now it’s time to offer an extra incentive. What better way to let our readers spread the word about independent media than to offer a one-of-a-kind, limited-edition T-shirt to people who sign up as contributing members? We’ll also reward our long-time fans by giving shirts to current members who increase their donations.

Our requirements are pretty straightforward. The design just has to say "The NewStandard" and include our web site: The rest, including more verbiage, we leave to your artistic discretion. But keep in mind:

  • The design will be screen-printed on sweat-free, union-made, cotton Tees

  • The logo can be any size, but will appear on the front of the T-shirt only

  • Designs can be spot printed in up to six colors, but the cost of printing will be a consideration in choosing the design

  • You can enter up to three designs

  • TNS will assume the copyright to the chosen logo

  • In true democratic fashion, we’re going to post the design candidates on our site and let our readers help choose the winner.

So what’s in it for you? First, you’re helping The NewStandard continue to publish. Second, your artwork will become part of the TNS "brand" and be worn wherever our readers go. And finally, regardless of whether your design is selected, we’ll post your bio and website in the contest entrants’ page of our website.

The design submission deadline is January 15 The deadline has been extended to Jan. 30 to accommodate requests for late entries. Please send all submissions as high-resolution JPEG files to Tshirt at newstandardnews dot net. Be sure to pass this announcement on to any artists you know!

Good luck!


strange: TNS T-Shirt Design Contest

To the New Standard,

It is very commendable that you see value in graphic design and the added-value a brand can have on public awareness and communications, however your approach to the contest rules and compensation leave much to be desired. It appears to me after receiving the e-mail notice that your contest qualifies as Spec-work. There is no mention of any compensation, not even a t-shirt, for those who enter. I also don't believe the posting of the entry on your web site as compensation qualifies as this is actually part of your selection process. In addition, your democratic approach to the selection will certainly not guarantee the best result and I'm concerned that your organization would take your branding efforts with this approach. As a professional graphic designer it is for these reasons that I cannot participate in your contest as is, even though I support your publication and your ethical approach to journalism.

I would like to suggest that you carry through these ethics to your "contest" and respect the work graphic designers do and the effort it takes them. If you would like recommendations on pro-bono guidelines, please check here:

Please review the information related to spec work here:

and here:

I truly hope you will change your "contest" specs and perpetuate the same values you have in your journalism to graphic designers/artists and your design/branding needs. If you would like any other information or assistance in crafting your "contest" please do not hesitate to contact me.


Adam Strange R.G.D.

Association of Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario

Pete: TNS T-Shirt Design Contest

To the above posting

Loosen up adam. i see your point but they are not asking professional graphic designers to donate there time for free and I think that it goes without saying that the winner will get a free shirt. I would go as far as saying they might give shirts to anyone who sends in a design. Obviously the new standard is not a multi million dollar company hiring designers. It might even be a kind gesture to donate your time to htis no profit org.


DesertRain: TNS T-Shirt Design Contest

I admit when I was inviting my artistic friends to enter the contest I thought, and the prize? uh, appreciation? maybe a free t-shirt? but who cares? I didn't see the contest as a cheap way to hire a graphic designer, but as a way for readers with an artistic ability to help contribute to the New Standard community. Of course it's nice to receive something when you "win" a contest, but I don't think that should be the motivation to enter this one. AND, I LOVED being able to vote and especially comment on the logo for the website. I think it's important to listen to the community that you serve.

Brian Dominick: Of course the winner gets a t-shirt

I probably should have posted this earlier, but of course the winner gets a t-shirt. Beyond that, I couldn't say it better than DesertRain -- this is our way of inviting REAL involvment from our readers/supporters. The t-shirt will be a gimmick. The contest is not.

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The NewStandard ceased publishing on April 27, 2007.