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January 15, 2007

You Spoke, We Listened: TNS Gets Fresh

When we surveyed NewStandard readers last year, we discovered – unsurprisingly – that fewer than half considered TNS one of their main sources for news. We also found out that only about a quarter of those who took the time to respond to the survey came to the website every day.

With our small staff, high standards and commitment to creating original news reporting, our ability to produce tons of content on a daily basis is limited. We have always put quality over quantity. And we consciously avoid "sexy" stories that serve more to inflame or entertain than to inform.

Frankly, we would have been startled by different survey results.

Here are some other interesting – if unsurprising – survey results:

84 % of respondents considered breaking news important in a news site
98 % considered world news important
67 % thought links to other websites important
64 % wanted photos and other graphics in a news site
And 82 % said commentary was important to them

Based on your responses, we set out to redesign our website and transform some of our activities to make TNS a place current and future readers would want to visit every day, or even multiple times a day.

Without compromising our original reporting or stepping beyond our means or areas of expertise as journalists, we’ve added fresh features to our website that we believe finally make TNS worth a daily visit and a homepage status in your browser:

We’ve added a daily commentary, a daily photo and a daily news video.

We’ve also increased the quality and quantity of our In Other News bulletins, a feature considered "very important" or "important" by 78 % of survey respondents. Since on-the-ground international reporting is beyond our means, and world news is important to us and our readers, we spend hours each day scouring and analyzing international reporting from all over the web and wrangling it into digestible bites for you.

We’ve also added a "fourth column" to our website, a place for us to put links to interesting feature stories and articles elsewhere on the web. The fourth column also now houses our "In the Doghouse" section, where TNS staffers take the corporate media to task for bad journalism. And, in response to various friendly critics who’ve told us to "lighten up" and to let ourselves laugh sometimes, we’ve added a political humor section that debuted this week, complete with more cartoons, a daily humor video and links to political satire.

There are lots more changes to come, including interactivity and a completely revamped Daily Dispatch (in response to readers who are having trouble with it).

The NewStandard website is now being updated multiple times a day, so if you haven’t stopped by in a while or if you know someone who stopped visiting because we were "stale" – it’s time for another look.


marcus99nd: You Spoke, We Listened: TNS Gets Fresh

Looks great! Question: Are the MainScream Media and Prez Says sections meant to be versions of In Other News or are they closer to what's featured in the Doghouse?

jessica_azulay: You Spoke, We Listened: TNS Gets Fresh

Good question. Mainscream houses FYI, which is just for interesting stuff we find; Dog House, which is media analysis; and Prez Sez, which points out when the media lets the White House lead the news.

Do you have suggestions for making this section stronger/clearer? Please share. We're all ears.

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The NewStandard ceased publishing on April 27, 2007.