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February 5, 2007

YouTube Video 'Violations'

As you may have noticed, none of the embedded videos we've posted the past few weeks are working at the moment. This is because the Google-owned company YouTube has deleted our account, and all our videos along with it, alleging copyright violations. The irony is, since we are a 501c3 educational nonprofit and they are a scumsucking commercial corporation, it is Google -- not us -- that was in violation, technically speaking. We have a right under the "fair use" clause of US copyright law, to republish, broadcast or distribute media for educational purposes.

And we intend to do just that, using our own server, as soon as we can get a new system up and running, which is a priority and hopefully will be very soon.


Talia Klein: Other places to post


You all can also post your videos on As long as the fair use rule apples, it shouldn't be removed.

Metacafe also has a program called Producer Rewards ( where you can actually make money for your videos as well, as long as they meet the guidelines, which can help you all since this is a non-profit organization.

Metacafe has an embedded player, so you can embed the videos on your site without having to worry about bandwidth issues.

Good luck with everything!



Thanks so much for your advice. I think we had already found our own solution before we noticed your post, but we really appreciate your help.

davekohr: time for a reality check

You may have a right to republish. But why on earth do you think you have a right to use Google's services to do it? It sounds like they simply followed the rules they spelled out in their terms of service for YouTube. Did you file a counter notice? If so, what was the outcome?

And now for a pet peeve of mine: Knee-jerk comments like calling Google a "scumsucking commercial corporation", just because they enforced the well-publicized rules for use of their free service, go a long way toward driving people away from supporting TNS.


If you read Brian's rant carefully, you'll see he never suggested we claimed any "right" to use Google's services. He was just noting the irony that they claimed we violated copyright, when, in fact, because they are for-profit, it is they who do not have the right to distribute copyright material to the public without paying for it -- though they are making a killing off doing just that.

As for the "scumsucking" remark. Maybe that was over the top, and we appreciate your advice. But the fact remains that YouTube didn't give us notice before taking down ALL of our videos (not just the ones they determined were in violation of their policy) and locking us completely out of our account. We just think it would have been nice, since we weren't technically doing anything wrong, for them to give us some warning so that we could have transitioned to the system we have now without interrupting service to our readers.

Of course we don't expect that from YouTube, since customer service to people who use their site for free is probably not a priority for them, even though all us free users are driving their entire revenue-making model.

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The NewStandard ceased publishing on April 27, 2007.