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February 7, 2007

New feature: stay in touch better!

As part of our ongoing site upgrades, we hope to use our blog to generate more discussion about TNS, our articles and journalism in general. We’ve added a nifty “subscribe� feature to our blog comments so now you can use your email to watch discussions unfolding in real time. If you comment on our blog, and subscribe to the thread, you’ll get an email immediately if someone responds. And if you’re just interested in an ongoing discussion and want to see how it plays out, you can subscribe to the thread even without weighing in yourself.

I hope you will use this new feature to participate in our first readership-wide brainstorm on helping TNS survive past April. See here for details.


justin_park: article comments

Continuing my helpful feedback (see post under Brainstorm with Us)...

I'm sure, knowing the TNS proclivity for process, that you have reasons, but why no comments allowed on individual articles? This has become a de facto Web convention and I would argue is one of the major ways that you can build community around a news site. Keeping comments limited to the blogs seems to ghettoize the site's interactivity much like newspapers restricting comments to message boards (see I realize the major downsides to allowing direct commenting on articles, but I wonder if the upside isn't much greater.

I think the option to subscribe to comments is a great idea, but it would be more valuable if there were spirited discussions on specific topics and articles. Latecomer apologies if you have already tried this or reasoned against it in the past, but that's my outsider perspective.

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The NewStandard ceased publishing on April 27, 2007.