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February 21, 2007

Weigh in on TNS T-Shirt Contest

Don't get stuck with a T-shirt you'll never wear. Weigh in today on your favorite T-shirt design so you can sport the NewStandard name in style.

Simply give us your feedback by posting a comment below. Please be respectful of these artists, who have graciously volunteered their talents and effort for this competition.

The TNS collective will weigh your input and post the final results shortly. High-quality screen-printed shirts will be made available to members later this year.

Our whole staff thanks each artist for making this a truly difficult decision.

Just click each image to see a larger version.



Entry by Anne Cook
Anne Cook is an artist who has painted many large-scale interior murals, private commissions, and illustrations in the Boston area. A long-time friend of The NewStandard's, Anne produced some of PeoplesNetWorks's original promotional and fundraising materials in 2003. Find out more about Anne and her work here.

Norman (A)

Entry by Tyler Norman

Norman (B)
Entry by Tyler Norman
Norman (C)
Entry by Tyler Norman

Tyler Norman currently lives in Madison, Wisconsin, and has been active organizing with, and designing varied propaganda for, numerous progressive grassroots organizations, including the Common Ground Collective, the Kids & Community Project, Full Circle Fuels, Food Not Bombs, and the Student Labor Action Coalition. He is very grateful for valuable lessons which he learned from The NewStandard's Brian Dominick and Jessica Azulay at the 2005 Z Media Institute.


Entry by Alix Dunn
Alix Dunn is a journalism junkie born in New Orleans and raised in Memphis, she works out of Bay St. Louis, Mississippi doing freelancing website and logo design and writing. Before moving to the coast, Dunn spent 5 years in Colorado where she went to college and spent her days with her nose in a book or her feet on the trail. Sometimes both at the same time.


Entry by Herr Bookmonger
Herr Bookmonger is a 44-year-old male who one year ago escaped the desert of Southern California for the Pacific Northwest. Forced into retirement due to illness, he has spent his time becoming even more informed than previously. The NewStandard is among his favorite sources for information. Bookmonger intentionally does not own a cellphone. He has three cats.


Entry by Matt Hoffmann
Matt Hoffmann, of Bloomington, Indiana, is a graduate of the Institute for Social Ecology's master of arts program in Science & Technology Studies with a specialization in community-based participatory research. Currently, Matt is working in his local community on issues of decarceration and supporting those ensnared by our carceral state. While he does work in web design, publication design and some graphic design, he still considers himself an amateur. Matt is also a displaced cheesehead.


Entry by Lantz Powell
Lantz Powell is a graphic design student at Bloomfield College in Bloomfield, New Jersey.


Entry by Jeanne Kyle
Jeanne Kyle (no bio submitted)


Eric Patton:

I like Powell's...


i really really like alix's and second choice is anne's.


Nice work all around...

I most like Dunn's (maybe with a different tag line?) and Powell's.

Sara Tady: The Shirt

I enjoy Alix Dunn's shirt design best. It is clean, simple and to the point.

hopjoy: I vote for Dunn's

Dunn's entry is sophisticated and clean -- one that I would most want to wear. I am not quite sure I get the tagline. I do like it being something about reality, though.

m1khaela: Alix or Anne

I like Alix Dunn's best, but maybe with a different slogan (such as TNS's official slogan).

Adam Hammick: Alex Dunn's

Dunn's is the best, though Bookmonger's has a coolness to it, too. What if the flag-carrying image had "integrity" replaced with something else?

brett cowan: Dunn's and Powell's for me

I like the simplicity and the message they communicate.

SirDuke: My Choice

I believe they are all exceptional and it makes it tough, but my choice is Norman B and C because this allows for any color shirt and expresses freedom to me, is bold and stands out easily, yet shows what The NewStandard stands for at the same time.

Douglas McNeill: Powell, and Norman

I like the Powell for clearly showing that NS cuts thru the "blah blah", and after that I like all the Norman's for their eye catching appeal.


Norman's are a bit much for me... other than that, all around pretty good.


Norman's don't work because the banner that says "Integrity" is too large. The NewStandard should be the largest part, the first to catch the eye, but it isn't. Could be good if the size was reduced though


I agree with m1khaela about Dunn's (my previous vote from above) -- The New Standard's official tagline would complete the design perfectly. The large apostrophe suggests saying something important, the power of words and truth, etc. On a minor design note, I would eliminate the line above the web address. Actually, it might be nice to use the logo itself (minus the tag line) in the place of the current type treatment. It would help reinforce the identity, not create a mis-mosh. Then the tagline (in black instead of blue) could be down where "the left, the right, the reality" is now.

Richie: Powell

Wow, those all look mighty professional! But I think Powell's is the best, probabl gets the message across in the least words. Not too flashy either. I also think Cook's would be good if the words were more leigble. I know that was the effect intended, it looks great, but pretty hard to read unless you stare. Awesome jobs guys!

Darryl Hamson: Powell

Lots of good designs, but I keep coming back to Powell's. I like the contrast between the "independent" stance of the NewStandard and the "corporate chatter" of the MSM.

azubah21: Norman Shirts, Powell stickers

my strong favorite is norman B. i like the blue backstar and the red banner - actually something that i would be happy to wear. from a design perspective, though, the blue backstar takes away from the impact of the blue "New" in NewStandard, but i really like the red Integrity banner better than the grey. and i dig that it's a woman carrying the banner.

second favorite? powell's. though it's the sort of design that would work *great* as a sticker on a water bottle, but not something that i'd wear on my body. ever. i have a policy against white-background t-shirts and square logos across my chest.

honestly, i'd make both designs into shirts so that folks from different style demographics could wear one that they like, and offer stickers at least in the powell design.

Buick: tough choice

Hofmann's would make a great bumber sticker, though I'm not sure about a t-shirt. For that, I guess I like Powell's, though I agree Dunn's is cleanest and Cook's is brightest. Sorry I'm not much help. Great job to all!

Lucifer-B: My vote

I would vote for the design by Bookmonger as it is the T-shirt i'd most likely wear.

lizwhite: Norman (c)

I like this one the best. Lively and engaging, and great for a t-shirt.

CathyDevoe: T-shirt

Hello Everybody! I really like Powells shirt. It's striking and drawers your eyes to the name of the newspaper. Then at second glance you are able to see what The New Standard is all about. Since most people have not heard of it it then creates curiosity!

aristides: dunn's is the most elegant

although I honestly believe that all designs are very attractive, it seems to me that dunn's work is the most stunning. simple, elegant and powerful. however, I agree with previous comments that the line above the logo is a bit puzzling. well done.

BarbaraGrant: Powell

To me, Powell's gives the information most clearly and quickly

brooksenglish: Powell

Though I would choose Powell, I'm not overly impressed with any. :(

ericthebarbaric: T-Shirt

First choice Dunn; second choice Cook.

TheMacWiz: Norman, Norman, Norman...

...has my vote, hands down. I especially like the B & C versions, and hope both black and white t-shirts become available.

marta: Powell's design

Powell's is the strongest graphic for a T-shirt It combines bold, clean lines with a clear political statement My only suggestion is to make the background words-- "blah blah blah" a very light gray. That way, it psychologically says that the "blah blah" of the standard media fades into the background, while the "truth" of real journalisim is upfront. It also makes for a stronger graphic design.


I like Dunn's best. It's clean, simple and carry the message subtly.

DesertRain: Powell & Cook

My favorites were from Powell and Cook. I like the simplicity, and think the message gets across well.

In Powell's design I feel much more the news aspect - and the point is clearly portrayed, the name is bold and draws the most attention. However, it would feel kinda like wearing an ad for me.

In Cook's I get a little bit more of an artsy feel, and would most prefer to wear a shirt with that design. And I wouldn't feel like a billboard. The name and web address are clear, and the message is easily portrayed.

Dunn's is professional and simple but it doesn't attract my attention and the Left, the Right, the Reality isn't the message I personally get form TNS

Norman's are too patriotic inspiring for me. Not that it's a bad thing but visually it tells me good/proud American, and the integrity, non-commercial, independent aspect seems belittled next to star & banner - you'd have to be so close to read it. Graphically, however it attracts the most attention.

Bookmonger - I like the concept but... I don't get the for auld angsang

Robert Fiske: Powell's logo - Yes!

Lantz Powell's logo sends a double message. It broadcasts the existence of TNS as an independent news source. And, by contrast, is exposes what most people accept as "news" as nothing more than meaningless babble. Good work!

doity: auld ang syne

Yisreal, I don't think the confusion about "for auld ang syne" has so much to do with the meaning (since people can easily type it into a search engine), but instead has to do with its spelling... or mis-spelling. And personally, I'm not a big fan of the digital alarm clock font and the spray paint tool, but maybe that's what gives it street cred. :)

As for Cook's, I don't really get the whole shadow puppet thing (which may be a failure of my own conceptual abilities since I'm not an artist). But I do recommend checking out her website; she does great work.

As for Norman's, it's a nice idea and has interesting texture, but it's a little over-produced and reminds me of something from the early days of Stars and people waving flags on t-shirts has lost its appeal to me. Also, I dislike the use of color.

I like Dunn's because it is clean and simple. I would definitely wear that on a T-shirt. However, I don't like the tagline "The Left. The Right. The Reality" and, on a very minor design note, I don't like the spacing between "The Right" and "The Reality." The line above the web site address does not bother me as much as other posters.

Hofman's would be great as a web site banner, but as a t-shirt it would be rather boring and it doesn't even attempt to convey what TNS is about. ... but that may be a good thing since I don't always like to sport obvious activist-wear a la Northern Sun catalogue. Also, for some reason, I like how he didn't use "www." as part of the web site identification.

Powell's is really well done and would be a great t-shirt that I would wear. Period. Excellent work.

Mary Mele: Powell's

This one. Second choice - the Liberty one. The others I wouldn't wear.


Dunn's logo looks great and as a second I would go with Kyle's.

All the logos looked good. I have a personal preference for smaller, more stylized logos with less text.

Brian Dominick: Custodial Notice

We have discovered that several comments posted to this board under different personas and using different brand-new member accounts were created by someone using the same computer and voting for the same logo. We have removed all comments positively traceable to the offending computer and banned that computer from posting further comments, as we consider this an abuse of our forum and the spirit of our contest. We do not know the identity of the perpetrator, and we have no reason to believe s/he is associated in any way with the generous volunteer designer whose logos s/he voted for.

We have further removed two comments that responded directly to the offending user because they did not address the entries in a substantive way and would at this juncture only confuse readers.

This action was taken as a result of a consensus decision by the PeoplesNetWorks Collective. All removed comments can be viewed here.

We hope the regretable nonsense has not disuaded anyone from participating. It surely hasn't dampened our resolve that this is a great contest full of exciting entries and tough decisions. Thanks again to everyone who is participating in good faith.

SirDuke: Suggestion?

Clearly you want to have a winner out of the contributors works of art and expression. They are each exceptional and deserving of their own standing.

Once the winner has been defined, why not then make them all available on t-shirts and maybe on some polo shirts and jackets? Obviously making the winner the first and only available one, then add the others later, say 6 months from now.

You may have already thought of this, or may have already planned it....not sure, but just a suggestion.

I prefer the one as I stated earlier in this thread, but I would also like to wear any one of them for different days, moods, places I am going.

To me this is a win-win situation as it clearly defines the winning contributor. All members will be winners because the one(s) they prefer to/and be comfortable wearing they will buy and the ultimate winner for obvious reasons will be our freedom of choosing The NewStandard over all other news and will get the name out there way more so than staying with only one selection.

jessica_hoffmann: Powell and Dunn

Hey, all.

I'm excited to wear a TNS T-shirt before too long. I like Powell's and Dunn's best -- and is that really another Hoffmann with two n's out there??


sophi979: definitely Powell's

It has a clear message and, yes, it would look best on a T-shirt.

jamielejeune: Powell

I think Powell's communicates both visually and verbally in a way that none of the other submissions match. And, I agree with other posts above, it would look pretty cool on a t-shirt. I'm looking forward to wearing one.

sethro: I like Powell

Yes, Powell's submission is eye-catching and interesting as are at least half of the submissions here. However, this one stands out because it instantly conveys what NewStandard is about. This is the only submission that is both striking and informative, so it has my vote.

carolinatom: Powell

Even if I knew nothing of The New Standard, Powell's design would cause me to ask questions. Is it really all that different? Could there actually be a form of news media from which I just might obtain useful information?

I found that I stopped at this one the longest and if you are trying to communicate to the public, you want to give pause to those who are viewing the shirt. It worked on me.

ekilpatrick: Powell, hands down

Powell's design is bold, clear, and strongly conveys the theme of the New Standard rising above the sea of garbage out there. The design is also eye-catching and would make a great t-shirt that would generate interest.

dlambfra: Nice work

I prefer Dunn's design, with Powell's as second...

jedmurr1: Powell then Dunn

I think Powell's is definitely the best of the designs (though I'd recommend limiting the height of the graphic so that it doesn't form a giant square covering the front of the shirt, if that makes any sense). My second choice is Dunn's design, but with a different tag underneath the main text.

Eric Lambart: Norman or Dunn

Norman is by far my favorite although I think it should be made a little clearer what the NewStandard is (a NEWS service). Perhaps the "Integrity" banner should be changed read "News With Integrity". Perhaps some people are uncomfortable with such an eye-catching design, but being eye-catching by no means implies a compromise of integrity.

Dunn also looks professional but is certainly not as eye-catching. It too suffers the lack of a clear message stating that TNS is a source for NEWS. Folks might find that logo intriguing enough to check out the URL and find out what TNS is, but it really should be a little more clear.

The Powell and Kyle designs are the only ones that actually point out that TNS is a news service. Perhaps that is why some people like the Powell design, but I think it's far too busy, and the highlighted words in the background do nothing to convey TNS' mission or services. I think the Kyle design, on the other hand, is a bit too simple.

FinnBoy: Powell

My vote is for the Powell design. It's clean but eye catching at the same time. I like the grey "noise" in the background too. I agree with JedMurr though, the design should not stretch across the entire shirt - just would not look right.

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