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Policy Changes Threaten to Re-displace Katrina Survivors

People seeking federal housing assistance from FEMA are being pushed into a new, more restricted program, but thousands will be left behind by new rules and red tape.

Navy Ship ‘Reefing’ May Have Down Side, Environmentalists Say

The Navy and the tourism industry have teamed up in an apparent win-win situation , but ecologists say ocean life stands much to lose from the deal.

Verizon Refuses to Come Clean about Wire-tapping

Telecom giant Verizon is refusing to confirm or deny participation in the illegal National Security Agency (NSA) wiretapping program, as citizens in Maine urge the state’s Public Utilities Commission (PUC) to investigate whether the company handed over its phone records.

Work News for Week Ending May 23

A weekly run-down of stories related to work, labor organizing, job safety, wages, etc. @ More mine deaths @ Wal-Mart tied to poverty @ Cintas workers win @ Alcoa steelworkers may strike @ Starbucks labor struggle

Despite Barriers, Displaced New Orleanians Return Home to Vote

This weekend's general election for mayor and other seats in the Crescent City revives racially complicated concerns about displaced residents' ability to access polls.

Courts, Congress Threaten Protective Food Labels

Legal and legislative moves to standardize federal food warnings – or lack thereof – chip away at states’ prerogative to warn consumers about hazards posed by certain foods.

Critics Note Weaknesses of Food Stamps as Hunger Spreads

The problem of food insecurity in America is gradually worsening, yet the government’s main “solution” is sluggish, inadequate and sometimes inaccessible, and some critics note such programs do nothing to address the root causes of hunger.

Fuel Subsidies ‘Undermine’ Small Farmers, Favor Agribusiness

Small farmers and their advocates say funneling tax dollars to big corporations is unwise and unappreciated, especially while an even playing field is the scarcest resource of all.

Bankruptcy Lawyers Sue Govt. over New Rules

A lawyers association filed a suit challenging some changes to the federal Bankruptcy Code just days before the IRS announced a crackdown on the predatory credit-counseling groups those rules were apparently meant to rein in.

Taxpayers Fund Wildlife Eradication at Behest of Ranchers

While the federal government continues to kill wild predators tens of thousands in the service of ranchers, critics question the usefulness of the secondary slaughters.

More E-voting Concerns Surface with State Primaries Underway

With another election season around the corner, activists are concerned that electronic voting machines supplied by a handful of American corporations are bug-ridden and easily tampered with, but the road to redress is rough and windy.

Civil Liberties News for Week Ending 5/17

A weekly run-down of stories related to rights, privacy, etc. @ Ga. same-sex marriage @ Gitmo detainees listed @ Wiretapping call-in action @ NY DNA database fight @ Tex. lethal injection

Oil Co. Investors Crush Proposal to Consider Environment

Last week, shareholders controlling an overwhelming majority of ConocoPhillips stock rejected the very idea of asking the company’s board of directors to prepare a report on potential environmental damage related to drilling in a protected Alaskan wilderness area.

Govt. Relying on ‘State- secrets’ Clause to Evade Suits

With the Bush administration on the defensive against civil suits challenging its practices in the so-called "war on terror," Justice Department attorneys are turning to state-secrets arguments to suppress filings against its own and other departments.

Work News for May 15, 2006

@ Smithfield labor fight @ Delphi talks @ Wal-Mart front group @ Ohio grocery workers win @ AFL-CIO & CTW conspire @ IWW picks up Berkeley Cinema @ LA Hilton workers fired

Industries, Interior Dept. Eye Offshore Drilling

Purportedly to help ease spiking energy prices, oil and gas companies – joined by manufacturers and a significant portion of Congress – are pushing to open huge areas of off-limit coastal waters to oil and gas exploration.

Tobacco Industry Antics Spur Renewed Push for Regulation

Despite the known health risks, the FDA cannot regulate cigarettes or other tobacco products, a situation watchdogs find increasingly problematic as the historically deceitful industry introduces new smokeless products.

Labor Dept. Agrees to Name ‘Unlocatable’ Workers

Yielding to a legal challenge filed by workers’ rights advocates, the Department of Labor agreed yesterday to hand over information on workers who never received back-pay owed by employers because the government had failed to locate them.

Critics Sound Alarm as Tech Firms Eye Yellowstone

Following the chance revelation of a closed-door meeting on future wireless efforts in one of America’s greatest national parks, environmentalists say the public deserves greater say over corporations’ impact on parklands.

Barely Regulated, E-waste Piles Up in U.S., Abroad

With massive amounts of toxin-laden consumer electronics hitting the trash heap every day, few are taking responsibility for their ecological and health impacts.

Healthcare Deregulation Bill Hits Wall of Consumer Outrage

A bill to deregulate group healthcare plans has faced massive opposition from consumer and patients’ rights groups and now faces potentially insurmountable hurdles in the Senate.

Kids Recount Intolerable Detention Following Katrina

Details of horrific conditions endured by boys and girls held in a New Orleans jail during and after Hurricane Katrina are chronicled in a shocking new report by a group that advocates for criminalized youth.

Watchdogs Slam Congressional ‘Ethics Reform’ Proposals

Critics are markedly unimpressed by what they consider toothless measures coming out of both chambers as lawmakers scramble to appear concerned in the wake of recent corruption scandals.

Congress Urged to Keep Katrina Housing Aid in Contested Bill

Among the $14 billion in "extra" budget items the US Senate crammed into its version of a supplemental military and storm-relief funding bill is a relatively small bankroll to fund housing help for some of Hurricane Katrina’s neediest survivors.

Bush Relents Slightly on Medicare Drug Plan Deadline

With millions of eligible seniors not signed up for Medicare’s new prescription drug coverage, the Bush administration is backing off a bit on next week’s deadline for lowest-income seniors.

Nuke Waste Site Calamity Reflects Industrial Crisis

Radioactive leaks, faulty construction and doubts over untested technology plague Department of Energy contractor Bechtel’s cleanup of an atomic bomb waste site.

West Virginia Town Fights Blanket of Coal Dust

Residents in a small West Virginia fight against a coal crushing plant that has blanketed their town with dust and ruined their quality of life.

College Campaign Against Sweatshop Apparel Claims Victory

Students working to end abuses of workers’ rights in the factories that make their school apparel won a victory in California last Friday after months of escalating protest.

Rights Groups Egg Bush on to Close Gitmo Camp

President Bush made headlines across the nation yesterday for telling a German public-television station that he would like to see the US-military-run prison camp at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba shut down. "I would like to close the camp and put the prisoners on trial," Bush said on the program, which aired Sunday night.

Stem-cell Research Blasted from New Angle

A new controversy is gripping stem-cell science as California funds efforts with what critics consider little regard for ensuring the products of publicly funded research will benefit the public as a whole.

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The NewStandard ceased publishing on April 27, 2007.