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Rights Groups: Jumble of State Laws Could Disenfranchise Voters

A maze of state voting policies has public-interest advocates concerned that mass confusion will erupt next week at the polls, potentially resulting in actual and "de facto" disenfranchisement of voters.

Lawsuit seeks to expose federal ties to anti-abortion centers

A Washington watchdog is looking into connections between federal funding and organizations that aim to discourage abortions by giving women misleading advice.

Fresh EPA Library Cuts May Limit Safety Scientists’ Knowledge

Critics of the Environmental Protection Agency’s latest downsizing of scientific library materials say it threatens to strip access to information from the very people who help develop environmental policies.

Voters Could Raise Min. Wage in Six States

Low-income voters in six states will have a chance to give themselves a raise on November 7 with minimum-wage ballot initiatives that could boost the earnings of hundreds of thousands of workers.

NYC Considers Ban on Trans Fat in Restaurant Food

The New York City Board of Health has proposed requiring restaurants in the city to phase out their use of trans fats, arguing that consuming the substances can lead to heart disease.

Hispanic, Asian, Native Citizens Face Voting Barriers

Voting rights groups are concerned that millions of US citizens with limited English proficiency could have problems when trying to vote this year.

Judge Forces LA County to End Jail Overcrowding

A federal judge has demanded the Los Angeles County jail system end overcrowding and unsanitary conditions in its temporary holding center.

Immokalee Workers Tell Chipotle to Walk Its Talk

Tomato pickers have targeted McDonald’s and the green-tongued Chipotle restaurant chain for buying tomatoes from growers that underpay workers.

Groups Sue Over Internet Censorship Law

Civil rights and media organizations went to court last week to challenge the government over an Internet censorship law they say is vague and violates the First Amendment.

‘Systemic’ Flaws Found in Florida Juvenile Court System

A new report says children arrested in Florida face a judicial system that prioritizes resolving cases quickly over fair legal representation.

Wildlife Refuge Workforce to be Downsized

The US Fish & Wildlife service plans to tighten the fiscal belt around 4 million acres of protected wilderness in the southeastern United States by cutting crucial staff.

Despite Laws, Disabled Voters Face Barriers at Polls

Voters with disabilities warn that despite anti-discrimination laws, many still face barriers when they try to go to the polls.

Blackwell's New Ohio Voting Regs Called Too Strict

A directive issued by the office of Ohio’s controversial secretary of state has election watchdogs worried their lawful activities outside polling stations could be banned.

Amid Harsh New Border Plans, Death Toll Mounts*

As the government moves forward with harsh border-enforcement legislation, immigrant-rights advocates point to a mounting death toll that they warn will only continue to climb.

Studies: Media Consolidation Sidelines Women and People of Color

As the Federal Communications Commission considers revising media ownership rules, public-interest groups are ramping up efforts to show the negative impact of media consolidation on local news and information programming.

Sex-segregated Classes Get Gold Star from Education Dept.

The US Department of Education’s change to a law forbidding sex discrimination in federally funded schools has infuriated rights groups, who say the change is a step toward separate but unequal education.

Med Boards Fail to Make Doctor Accountability Public, Study Finds

Most state medical boards no not offer consumers enough accessible information about doctors with histories of harming patients, says a new report by a watchdog group.

Local Immigration Measures Raise a Host of New Concerns

With proposed changes to immigration law stalled in Congress, the nation’s city councils, state legislatures and courtrooms have picked up the slack to pass their own measures more quickly, albeit amidst just as much controversy.

Number of Uninsured Still Climbing Despite ‘Healthy’ Economy

A new analysis of census data reveals that despite signs of what some call a rebounding economy, the number of people lacking health insurance continues to expand.

Report Reveals RFID Credit Cards Ripe for Info Skimming

Privacy advocates and computer-security experts are sounding the alarm in response to newly exposed security flaws potentially affecting millions of new "swipe free" credit cards.

Supreme Court Lifts Injunction on Arizona Voter ID Law

The US Supreme Court ruled Friday that Arizona can require voters to present a photo identification card and proof of US citizenship when they cast their ballots in the upcoming November elections.

New Jersey Program Bought Polluted Lands for Low-income Schools

In what critics consider one of the more blatant examples of environmental racism, a fund supposedly intended to give a leg up to impoverished pupils of color was used to put them at risk while favoring private developers.

Rights Group Slams FBI for Incomplete Hate-crime Report

The Federal Bureau of Investigation released its 2005 hate crime statistics on Monday only to be met with criticism from an anti-discrimination group.

Kansas Atty. Gen. Accused of Bending Campaign Laws

The Kansas attorney general’s efforts to promote himself to churchgoers has raised allegations that his reelection campaign is unethically mixing issues of church and state.

Group Sues FBI to Disclose Personal-Data 'Warehouse'

The FBI is gathering hundreds of millions of pieces of personal information in the name of fighting terrorism and storing them in a vast, secretive data "warehouse." Last week, public-interest groups went to court to find a way in.

Cali. Voters May Tax Oil Co’s to Fund Green Fuels

On November 7, California voters will consider a proposal to tax companies that drill oil in the state and put the revenues toward alternative energy development.

DuPont Refuses to Release Teflon Chemical Study

While withholding its full report, Dupont is touting findings it says exonerate the controversial substance PFOA.

Education Reformers Demand More Action on Spiking Tuition

Federal recommendations to manage a "seemingly inexorable increase in costs" of higher education have provoked criticism from many educators, who say governments need to increase their financial contributions and colleges need to behave less like businesses to keep costs down.

State Initiatives May Use ‘Property Rights’ to Deregulate

On Election Day, voters in four states will consider allowing property owners to claim financial damages when public-interest regulations cost them money.

Lawsuit Accuses Homeland Security of Racial Profiling

A civil rights group is suing to force the release of documents that plaintiffs say might prove federal agents illegally discriminated against Arab-Americans and Muslims during a massive immigration sweep in 2004.

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The NewStandard ceased publishing on April 27, 2007.