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Rendition Survivor Appeals Case Against CIA Officials

A federal appeals court heard arguments here Tuesday from civil rights advocates trying to reinstate a landmark lawsuit against the CIA over alleged human rights abuses.

Pentagon Using Anti-Terror Resources to Spy on Peace Activists

More evidence emerged last week showing that the Pentagon has used counterterrorism resources to spy on peace activists.

Spontaneous Strike Forces Smithfield to Change Policy

An employee walk-out at a giant hog slaughterhouse in North Carolina forced company officials to alter its policy on firing workers whose Social Security numbers are not verified.

Contamination Leads to Legalization of Gene-Spliced Rice

Rather than penalize the company that slipped an illegal strain of genetically modified rice into the human food supply, the USDA has simply approved the grain for marketing.

Marketers Still Free to Stalk Consumers Online

As marketers generate more-invasive means of gathering and using your personal information, Congress has still done nothing to protect the general population specifically from invasions of online privacy.

DuPont Agrees to Provide Less-toxic Water

The drinking water for thousands of residents in Ohio and West Virginia might become less toxic under an agreement reached between chemical giant DuPont and the Environment Protection Agency.

Ohio Court Curtails Stricter Predatory Lending Law

In a decision favoring state regulations over city laws, the Ohio Supreme Court has dealt a blow to local efforts to protect residents from inequitable home loans.

Groups Call for Revote in Florida Congressional Race

Voting rights groups are calling for a revote in Sarasota County, Florida, where they suspect electronic voting machines failed to record tens of thousands of votes.

Groups Sue Bush Administration for Violating Climate Change Act

A coalition of environmental groups sued the Bush administration this week for disregarding a congressional order to assess the impact of global warming.

Employers May Get Access to Applicants’ Minor ‘Offenses’

The FBI is looking to make people's criminal records more extensive and more accessible to private employers. Critics say that increased exposure of people's criminal histories will unfairly foreclose job opportunities.

‘Discriminatory’ Renting Ordinance Halted in Louisiana

Civil-rights activists in New Orleans won a partial victory in the fight for fair housing practices this week.

Feds to Probe L.A. Juvenile Detention Conditions

The US Justice Department will reinvestigate conditions at Los Angeles County’s juvenile detention centers six years after it found dangerous conditions, inadequate mental-health services and a lack of educational programs there.

Barriers Inhibit Legal Road to U.S. Citizenship

As a debate rages over illegal immigration, activists representing documented immigrants say the naturalization process is arduous, expensive and slow – and it’s about to get harder.

Boycott Called Against Aetna over Slavery Profiteering

A coalition of civil- and human-rights advocates is calling on workers across the country to boycott health-insurance policies from Aetna if the company fails to create a trust fund for descendents of enslaved Africans.

‘Last Resort’ Attempted to Charge Rumsfeld, Others for War Crimes

On Tuesday, human-rights groups appealed to the international arena to hold the architects of the so-called "war on terror" accountable for alleged crimes against humanity.

House Passes ‘Terrorism’ Act Against Animal Activists

Monday afternoon, the US House of Representatives passed a bill that reclassifies unlawful animal-rights tactics as terrorism under certain conditions, even if they are non-violent.

GPS Surveillance Creeps into Daily Life

Public-interest advocates say cell phone surveillance is becoming cheaper and more pervasive, but companies and governments are lagging behind in establishing policies to protect the right to privacy.

New ‘Terrorism’ Laws to Protect Animal Abusers’ Profits

Legislation that zipped easily through the Senate would re-criminalize certain acts, including non-violent civil disobedience, as "terrorism" if carried out in defense of animals.

Republicans Accused of Illegal Campaign Calls

Republicans are coming under fire for their use of "robocalls," automated messages that flooded phone lines in competitive districts in the days before the election.

Rights Groups Monitor Shake-up in Pentagon Leadership

As the removal of the Pentagon’s top official fuels speculation about a new course in Iraq, human-rights groups are feeling out how a churning of military leadership could impact the fate of detainees in US custody – as well as the future of war-crimes and human-rights cases facing the administration.

Business Group Stealthily Funded Political Ads, Watchdogs Allege

Public-interest advocates are accusing the nation’s premier business association of withholding information on money it poured into state-level election campaigns.

Arizonans Take More Swipes at Undocumented Immigrants

Voters in Arizona passed a slew of ballot initiatives by a three-to-one margin Tuesday, each cracking down on the state’s undocumented immigrants.

Cali. Voters Deny Oil Tax to Fund Alternative Energy

Californians voted down a proposition that would have imposed a tax on oil companies drilling in the state.

Voters Smoke Big Tobacco at Polls

Yesterday, voters in five states passed ballot initiatives targeting cigarette smoking through smoke-free laws, cigarette taxes and anti-tobacco education programs, according to unofficial election results posted by secretaries of state.

Oregon Committee Invites Contested ‘Biopharming’ of GE Plants*

As companies experiment with growing drugs in common food crops, watchdogs say even the most deliberative attempts by government to scrutinize the practice fall short of protecting the public.

Employers Use ‘No-Match’ Social Security Letters to Fire Immigrants

Immigrant workers throughout the US are facing layoffs as employers haphazardly, and perhaps illegally, implement a proposed rule from the Homeland Security Department.

Kentucky Voters Could Reclaim Local Water Supply

Voters in a Kentucky county today could approve a referendum that would make their privatized water system public.

Rising Violence Against Native Women Has ‘Colonial Roots’

As native women experience increasingly severe abuse by non-Indian and Indian men, many are addressing the systemic foundations of misogyny in their communities, which they trace to colonization.

Healthcare Industries Fill Candidates’ Coffers

As the cost of health care continues to rise, health-care related industries stand to influence key races in Tuesday’s election by pouring millions of dollars behind Republican and Democratic candidates.

Activists Take Measures to Ensure Fair Elections

Civil-rights and public-interest groups across the country will be dispatching lawyers, sending out poll monitors, and staffing hotlines across the country Tuesday in an effort to protect against potential voting-rights infringements.

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The NewStandard ceased publishing on April 27, 2007.