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Ground Zero ‘Clean-up’ Plan ‘Designed to Find Nothing’

Mowing over protests from New York City residents, workers and public-health advocates, the federal government has rolled out a plan to clean up pollution left behind by the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

Environmentalists Want Nukes Out of Climate Change Bill

Senators introduced a bill last week that, while attempting to tackle climate change, also offers subsidies to the nuclear industry.

Turkey Industry Uses ‘Ethically Repugnant’ Breeding Practices

A national animal-rights group is calling attention to the forced artificial insemination of turkeys and the health effects of industry standards for breeding and growing the birds.

Dems Sitting on Power to Curb Bush's Iraq War Expansion

Though experts agree Congress has the authority to cut or redirect military spending, some say Democrats are shrinking from their prerogative to use that power to stop the war.

Bill Would Expose Funding Behind Phony Grassroots Groups

Organizations that indirectly lobby Congress may soon have to disclose their larger donors to the public, making it easier to discern true grassroots groups from ‘astroturf’ imposters.

Transgender People Face Violence, Obstacles

Cast to the margins of society, gender-nonconformists have always lived under the threat of harassment and brutality, but a new report and vigilant voices of resistance aim to expose and challenge prevailing social stigmas.

Malpractice ‘Crisis’ Distorted for Profit, New Analysis Suggests

A new report suggests the Bush administration, the medical industry and business lobbyists have distorted and exploited the medical-malpractice "crisis" in the name of profit.

‘Green-stamping’ of Timber Companies Comes Under Scrutiny

Conservationists say a major certifier of environmentally “sustainable” foresting practices in the US offers its approval too easily and is too hesitant to take action against firms that harm the environment.

Coal-Fired Plants Contributing to Mercury Pollution ‘Hotspots’

Two articles published this month in the journal BioScience identify five known and nine suspected mercury "hotspots" in northeastern North America and suggest US coal-fired power plants are, in some instances, largely to blame.

‘Surge’ in Anti-War Protests Follows Bush’s Address

Anti-war activists are busy staging a "surge" of their own to counter President Bush’s Wednesday-night announcement that he intends to expand the US occupation force in Iraq.

Guantánamo Anniversary Sees Renewed Shut-Down Calls*

As Gitmo turns five, abolitionists renew their campaign on the heels of still more reports that guards are systematically abusing inmates there.

Wiki Writer Goes to Court Over Freedom to Link

An anonymous writer who linked from a collaborative website to a drug company’s internal documents is appealing a court order demanding the removal of the links.

Critics Say Democratic Lawmakers Cater to White Agenda

Progressives say the new Democratic legislature is already disproving the common perception that their party is particularly friendly to people of color.

Companies Insure Less, Profit More, Report Says

Insurance companies are tallying profits at a record high while paying claims at a record low, according to a report released and endorsed by a range of consumer advocacy groups.

Environmentalists Sue Govt. Over Arizona Bald Eagle Recovery

With only 100 bald eagles left in the Arizona desert, environmental groups filed a complaint against the US government for taking the population off the Endangered Species List.

Ethics Reform Crawls as Dems Rake in Lobbyists’ Cash

Government watchdogs applauded new congressional rules restricting gifts from lobbyists as a good first step, but called for independent oversight and further limits on influence peddling.

Tribes Turn to Court over Trust-Fund ‘Mismanagement’

Native Americans filed a class-action lawsuit last month in another attempt to end a decades-long struggle with the government over the mismanagement of tribal trust funds.

Unions Push OSHA to Make Bosses Pay for Safety Gear

Two unions filed suit against a government agency this week for continuing to allow employers to make their workers pay for safety equipment needed on hazardous job sites.

Groups Clash over Ariz. Minimum-Wage Disability Exemption

Some Arizonians want their state’s hard-won minimum-wage hike to apply only to “able-bodied” employees, leaving a loophole for paying disabled workers less.

Nevada Wild Horse Condemnation Upheld by Court *

Activists’ emergency effort to save over 1,000 wild horses and burros near Las Vegas was shot down by a judge who last week ruled the government could round the animals up and remove them.

‘Domestic Production’ Tax Break Props Up Corporations, Hurts States

A corporate tax break launched by Congress two years ago is quietly gnawing a nearly $2 billion hole in state coffers.

Families of Prisoners Sue New York, MCI for Phone Call Scheme

Family members of New York prisoners are going to court over an agreement between the state Department of Corrections and the phone company MCI Worldcom.

Consumer Advocates Say Gas Companies Driving Up Prices in Calif.

With California drivers still reeling after a year of record-high gas costs, consumer advocates are warning that companies are gouging consumers while passing the blame off to market forces and state regulations.

Critics, Officials Tell Tenn. Valley Authority to Clean Up

Activists and North Carolina’s attorney general say the massive New Deal energy project is a major source of pollution and health problems in the region its creators intended to help.

FDA Lab Closure Plan Endangers Public, Watchdogs Say

The Food and Drug Administration is aiming to cut back its research infrastructure at a time when critics say monitoring and regulation are more crucial than ever.

Big Pharma’s Profit Pursuit Means Fewer New Drugs, Report Says

Although drug makers typically justify the high cost of medicines by citing research expenses, a new government report says their research investments are mostly funding highly profitable modifications of existing drug designs, not new treatments.

Navajo Dissidents Take Action to Stop Tribe-Backed Power Plant

As energy corporations closed in on Navajo territory, a cluster of elderly women and other locals rushed to greet them – planting themselves in defiance on the ground they hold as sacred.

Sexual Assault Survivors Accuse Military of Systemic Uninterest

Military sexual assault survivors and their advocates say the case of Suzanne Swift typifies the Pentagon’s failure to address the prevalence of sexual assault inside its ranks, as well as the unmet needs of survivors and the impunity enjoyed by assailants.

Nearly One in Five U.S. Latinos ‘Food Insecure’

The threat of hunger hangs more heavily over Latino households than their white counterparts, and advocates trace the stark inequality to economic, social and bureaucratic barriers.

USDA Stocks Organics Board with Business Reps

Food-safety activists are protesting the government's attempt to stack an organic-food advisory board with representatives of corporate agribusiness and food commerce.

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The NewStandard ceased publishing on April 27, 2007.