David Rees

The NewStandard ceased publishing on April 27, 2007.

David is the creator of Get Your War On and several other popular cartoon series. Books and archives of his work are available at David's homepage.

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Archived Cartoons

Apr 20/07: Poor woman Apr 18/07: Unbelievable Apr 11/07: Guns and Flags Apr 06/07: The Gap
Mar 30/07: Shhh. Mar 28/07: Zen Mar 21/07: Iraqi-bot Mar 14/07: My Girl
Mar 05/07: Naptional Guard Feb 21/07: Significant Control Feb 14/07: Disgust Feb 07/07: The Right War
Sep 20/06: Freedom v. Firepower Aug 30/06: Stagnation Aug 23/06: Broken Bras Aug 16/06: Big Boy
Aug 09/06: Israeli strategy Jul 20/06: Incremental soldiers Jul 12/06: In light of... Jun 28/06: Minimum Wage Confusion
Jun 21/06: Cut and Run Jun 14/06: Iraq's Interior Minister May 25/06: Brink May 18/06: Iraq Cures PTSD
May 09/06: God's Exit Strategy Apr 26/06: Sudanese Genocide Museum Mar 29/06: Almost Mar 17/06:
Mar 13/06: Dennis Miller Mar 09/06: Rose-Colored Glasses Mar 01/06: Good ol' Days Feb 22/06: Progress vs. Done
Feb 16/06: Paying for It Feb 14/06: Super President Feb 08/06: Congressional Hearings to the Rescue Feb 01/06: Poor Exxon

The NewStandard ceased publishing on April 27, 2007.