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Mothers ask court for shared custody

by Amanda Luker

July 15, 2004 – A lesbian couple filed an appeal Tuesday to ask for legal protection of both parents' relationship with their child. Last year, Cheryl and Jennifer McKetrick of Ohio were denied shared custody of their son, 3-year old Josh, by the Warren County court. The court denied the request on the grounds that they could use other legal documents to protect the relationship.

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Heather Sawyer, a lawyer with Lambda Legal, is representing the couple, in its claim that Ohio has a longstanding history of granting custody to both same-sex parents in such cases. "Same-sex couples need to be able to protect their families, which often requires creating a patchwork of legal documents that provide a fraction of the security that they need," said Sawyer. Lambda Legal, which litigates for full civil rights in the LGBT and HIV-positive communities, is asking the court to recognize a formal custody agreement instead.

"It's important for Josh that both parents have ability to register him at school, and plan for his future," Jennifer McKetrick told

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The NewStandard ceased publishing on April 27, 2007.

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