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Study: black workers losing job security at higher rate than whites

by Madeleine Baran

Oct. 14, 2004 – A new study shows that black workers holding the same job for more than three years suffered higher rates of job loss than other workers during the recent recession.

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According to the nonprofit Center for Economic and Policy Research, "long-tenured" black workers suffered a job loss rate of 7.3 percent, compared to 5.6 percent for their white counterparts between 2001 to 2003. From 1997-1999, the job loss gap between long-tenured black and white workers was just 0.2 percent.

"The recent sharp rise in the loss of long-tenure jobs is a direct assault on the black middle class," John Schmitt, the report's author, said in a press release. "For most workers, a long period with the same employer brings the earnings, benefits, and job security that are the building blocks of a middle-class standard of living."

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The NewStandard ceased publishing on April 27, 2007.

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