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Ballistic Missiles, Weapons-making Gear Missing in Iraq

by Chris Shumway

Mar. 29, 2005 – At least 90 sites in Iraq’s old military complex, many of which were under United Nation seal before the US-led invasion, have been looted in the past two years, according to Demetrius Perricos, the UN’s chief weapons inspector. Among the missing items are dozens of ballistic missiles and small amounts of bacterial growth that could now be in the hands of insurgents in Iraq or arms makers outside the country.

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The Iraq Survey Group, a US inspection team that quietly ended its search for Iraq’s alleged WMD late last year, said in its final report, "There is nothing but a concrete slab at locations where once stood plants or laboratories." While it concluded that Iraq’s WMD programs were shut down in the early 1990s under UN inspection, the report lacks details about the whereabouts of bacterial growth and conventional weapons parts, including 600 missile engines that appear to be missing.

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The NewStandard ceased publishing on April 27, 2007.

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