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Labor Groupâ€TMs Database Tracks Outsourcing, Violations

by Brendan Coyne

Nov. 21, 2005 – A project of the nation’s largest organized labor organization has a new tool for US-based workers and their supporters: a database of companies that outsource jobs, violate labor laws and threaten the health and safety of workers.

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Dubbed "Job Tracker" and maintained by Working America, a loose workers’ rights association initiated by the AFL-CIO, the database has information on more than 60,000 companies, most of it gathered through Freedom of Information Act requests and information from the Department of Labor, according to Working America. In addition, the database compiles information from news media, lawsuits and the website, according to the association.

Working America noted that Job Tracker first went online last year with data on outsourcing and now allows people to find information on that and on labor law or health and safety violations, categorized by specific company or whole industry. A zip-code search provides a return of all area companies that have shipped jobs overseas and run afoul of federal labor law.

Last week, Working America sent e-mails to members announcing that it now has information on over 60,000 companies "with records of undermining workers’ rights around the country." The organization, which is free to join but does have a voluntary dues system, uses door-to-door canvassing, electronic outreach, community organizing and lobbying to build membership among non-union workers and agitate for issues valued by organized labor.

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The NewStandard ceased publishing on April 27, 2007.

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