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Killing of reporter in Karbala raises 2004 journalist death toll to 15

by Pranjal Tiwari

May 22, 2004 – During fighting in Karbala on Friday, Ajazeera assistant cameraman Rashid Hamid Wali became the fifteenth journalist to be killed in Iraq in 2004. A statement from Aljazeera said that 44-year old Wali had been shot in the head during a battle between US occupation forces and Iraqi fighters. "We could not confirm the source of the fire," said Aljazeera journalist Abd al-Adhim Muhammed, "but it was directly pointed at us." Nine Iraqis were also reportedly killed during the firefight. US-occupied Iraq was named the "world’s worst place to be a journalist" by the Committee to Protect Journalists on May 3. Other recent incidents include the killing of two journalists from the al-Arabiya television network by US soldiers at a checkpoint in March. Earlier this month three Iraqi Reuters staff also came forward claiming to have suffered sexual abuse and humiliation at the hands of US troops. Aljazeera urged the US military and Coalition Provisional Authority to investigate Wali’s killing, and make their conclusions public. "This unfortunate episode is the second that Aljazeera has suffered in Iraq in just over one year," the network added. A somber but angry procession of Wali’s relatives, colleagues, and members of the Iraqi Journalists Union took place outside Aljazeera’s Baghdad bureau later that day.

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The NewStandard ceased publishing on April 27, 2007.

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