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Journalists who defied Najaf ban threatened with death

by Jon Elmer

Aug. 19, 2004 – One day after enforcing a media blackout by ordering journalists out of Najaf amid an escalating American offensive, reporters say ten Iraqi police officers arrived at the journalist's hotel on Tuesday voicing threats to kill any reporter who defied the order.

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According to a report in the Times of London, a police lieutenant told a group of journalists and hotel staff: "We are going to open fire on this hotel. I'm going to smash it all, kill you all, and I'm going to put four snipers to target anybody who goes out of the hotel. You have brought it upon yourselves."

Armed officers then arrested Ahmed Al-Salahih, a correspondent for the Dubai-based Al-Arabiya, and fired warning shots as they drove off with the reporter. Al-Salahih has since been released.

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The NewStandard ceased publishing on April 27, 2007.

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