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Justice Department asks to keep ID case secret

by Amanda Luker

Sept. 8, 2004 – In a case where a privacy advocate is attempting to challenge the ID requirements for boarding an airplane, the US Department of Justice is trying to keep arguments from public viewing.

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John Gilmore, a privacy advocate and cofounder of the civil liberties group Electronic Frontier Foundation, is challenging the law that requires passengers to show identification before boarding an airplane. Gilmore's suit, stemming from his failed attempt in July 2002 to board a plane without either showing identification or submitting to a thorough search, claims the law regarding such procedures is vague and violates constitutional protections against illegal search and seizure. He is also asking that the government reveal the regulations that govern the requirement.

On Friday, the government filed court papers arguing that certain regulations "prohibit the disclosure of sensitive security information, and that is precisely what is alleged to be at issue here," and argued that publicly disclosing this information could prove detrimental to transportation security.

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The NewStandard ceased publishing on April 27, 2007.

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